Scuba Diving in Milford Sound (NZ)

Scuba Diving in Milford Sound

Kia Ora and welcome to Milford Sound, the smallest fjord located in Fiordland National park, on the South Island of New Zealand. This 300-meters-deep fjord is well known for its incredible landscape, beautiful rainforest and countless waterfalls. With an average of 182 rainy days per year and almost 7 meters of annual rainfall, Fiordland is definitely the wettest place in New Zealand. This huge volume of rain, passing through the native forest, washes soil down into the fjord waters which builds up a dark greenish layer of freshwater on top of the saltwater. As this layer is several meters thick and reduces the level of light in the saltwater, we are lucky to witness what is called a “deep water emergence”, bringing deep water species such as Black Corals and Sea Pens at shallower depths.

⚓︎ Date : 10th December 2021 and 8th January 2022

⚓︎ Water Temperature: 14°

⚓︎ Location: Milford Sound, New Zealand

⚓︎ With: Descend NZ

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